Curb appeal 

The days are long gone where people merely store their junk or park their cars in the garage.


Today it is very common to park in the driveway and use the garage as a social meeting place….the New Front Porch.

These spaces are often conditioned and turned into man caves, woman caves, work spaces, kids play areas, or just an old fashioned place to fellowship over good food.

Your front door is no longer the entry way and you are more likely to get a better bang for your buck upgrading your garage door than you are your front door.

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Taurus 4250 gives you the very best of safety, convenience and quality with unmatched innovations in modern technology. FingerGuard™ pinch resistant joints with environment-friendly polyurethane foam insulation, in between section seal and heavy-duty steel hardware offer you the most energy-efficient and safe door that will last.

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